Sutton Dental & Implant Clinic

Our client came to us with after finding themselves in an unresponsive situation with their existing digital agency during the critical start of Covid 19. We designed a carefully crafted campaign to help our client to communicate to the very heart of their patients, this resulted in huge confidence on behalf of the patients and

Rebuild the existing site because it was way too complicated and cumbersome to use.

It was essential to extensively rethink what message they wanted to convey to new patients. The old site was confusing, complicated and simply not engaging - instead of coming across as a generic small wiki site.

A few months after the rebuild, rework the newly built site to adapt to the newly created brand

After 9 years of the existing company identity, the client wanted to create a new scalable brand and ethos for their company, pushing further into the luxury sector. Meaning remodelling the new site just months after completion. We took extensive care during the first build to ensure we could resue almost 80% to minimise costs to our client.

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1. How we started

During disscusions with our client, we found multiple points of improvement immediately

  1. Way too complex structure for viewer to understand
  2. No brand clarity or clear mission statement
  3. Huge amount of bugs and broken features

2. The middle step

We worked with our client to challenge their assumptions about what the brand meant to them and distil that message down. Allowing a prospective customer to understand everything our client stands for within a flash.

3. The major rebrand

Using the newly developed brand identity, we massively overhauled the home page to create a high degree of of continuity between the website and physical premises.

A strong visual coherence was maintained throughout, and pushed the unique attributes of Sutton Smiles to the forefront

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