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Our clients old site had not been replaced in 4 years and was showing major signs of dis-repair.

They felt it no longer generated leads or interest in their brand and came to us for brand consultation and site build.

We provided them access to our vast knowledge base on how to convert prospective leads into patients, via the use key messages and call to actions.

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1. The old

The problems with the old site

  1. Page simply not working properly on Mobile
  2. Client was unable to make content/price changes for themselves
  3. Extremely tired looking representation of company brand
  4. Slow performance

2. The beautiful new

Our client decided on the Big Bang approach and decided to perform a rebrand at the same time as a rebuild. Allowing them to have a brand that could scale in the future across multiple media and campaigns.

We presented an incredibly high impact, "high gloss" design, and worked very closely with our client to inject their core values into it. Ending up with something fundamentally unique to them. Something very important in todays age.

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